BRAINWOOD OY is a Finnish design-minded company, specialized in innovative interior decoration panels. It’s known by the trade mark BRAIN.WOOD.

The product range of BRAINWOOD enhance architecture in the most diverse applications - as wall coverings, ceilings, room dividers, store decoration, desks and other furniture in public interiors or homes. The extensive choice of patterns and colors provides designers with new and exciting opportunities to create attractive surface appearances and distinctive ambiances. Our range goes back to late 90’ties, when our first panels were introduced as a result of a wood innovation competition WOOD OF FINLAND. Today, our total range consists of several types of interior and acoustic panels manufactured in Finland (Pop and Avanti panels) and in Italy (e.g. Topakustik) or France (Marotte).

The common denominator to all our interior and acoustic panels is the high standard of functional quality and an interesting
visual appearance, a part of the total service being systems for installation (in most cases a hidden one).

BRAINWOOD OY works in close co-operation with architects and interior designers to provide the maximum benefits to our clients. The Finnish part of the range is sold all over the world, but the Italian or French panels in Northern Europe only.

The representative of the trade mark BRAIN.WOOD and Brainwood OY in Estonia is Incaservices OÜ.

The visitors from Estonia should make a reservation to visit Brainwood OY show-room in Helsinki. Please take a contact to Incaservices OÜ (phone +372 6030019, e-mail